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Yakima Herald Article

Adeline's Peonies was featured in the Yakima Herald - In the Garden: Adeline's Peony Legacy in Toppenish

Visit the Farm & Tours

You may tour our Peony Farm Fields in Toppenish, WA during the blooming season, April and May, from 8:00am - 12:00 pm.

From June-September farm visits are by appointment only.


Family Owned since 1939

Adeline's Peonies was established in 1939 by Adeline McCarthy. The farm is located in Toppenish, Washington, in the heart of the Yakima Valley. Our fresh cut peony flowers are very large and beautiful. The fourth generation of McCarthys now grows thousands of peony flowers each year, with a large assortment of colors and varieties. 

Grandma Adeline's love for peonies was passed to son Roger, grandson Pat and great-grandson, Jay McCarthy, who manages the peony fields today with his dad Pat.

Peony Varieties Available

New Varieties Available in 2018


Cut Flowers: The cost is $1.00 per stem for all varieties.

Root Stock: all our roots are priced at $20 each; except Lemon Chiffon which is half off at $50 each. We dig roots each fall and they're available September 1st. Please order roots as early as possible in the year as supply is limited.

Potted Peonies: We also have varieties of potted peonies available for $30.00 each year round at our Toppenish Peony Farm. Call to see what potted varieties we have in stock.


How to Order

In order for us to serve you best, we ask that you phone or email your order early.  We will have the peony flowers ready to pick up. Our cold room can keep your order in bud stage or we can provide fully opened fresh cut stems or any bud stage in between. You can take your flowers packaged in either boxes or buckets with water.

To order please contact:

Pat McCarthy
Adeline's Peonies
502 Asotin Avenue
Toppenish, WA 98948
Tel. (509) 930-9068



Bud Stages of Peony Flowers

We can provide fully opened fresh cut stems or any bud stage in between:

Peony buds - grown in the Yakima Valley flower fields

Spring and Summer Wedding Flowers

The peony has become very popular for spring and early summer weddings.  They have become a very inexpensive way to decorate yourself or provide the peony flowers to your florist. 

Save $100 on bulk orders: 1,000 flowers transform any wedding venue to a spectacular and fragrant garden for only $900!

Peonies are perfect Spring or early Summer Wedding Flowers

Cemetery/Tombstone Flowers

Our large, fragrant peony flowers create a colorful decoration for a tombstone in remembrance of loved ones for Memorial Day.


Table Flowers

For table flowers there is no substitute for the fresh smell of freshly cut peonies. They are very fragrant and will fill your home with the smell of spring!


Peonies in full bloom, available for sale in our Toppenish Peony Farm in May/June.

Contact Us

Wholesale sales only:
Jay McCarthy
Tel. (509) 945-5790


Adeline's Peonies
502 Asotin Avenue
Toppenish, WA 98948

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